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Campervan trips in Estonia – 5 reasons why you should rent a campervan and travel around Estonia

  1. 1. This country is a very good value, especially when compared to Scandinavian countries. To get your motorhome running is very cheap, because prices of fuel are quite low here. But not only that is cheap - you can have a 3 course meal for as much as 10 eu, though prices are a little bit higher in the centre of Tallinn. You can have a glass of beer or vine for a price starting at 1.5 eu, and this is in a bar, it gets even cheaper in the shops.
  2. 2. Tasty food – products that they sell in supermarkets are great value for less money. It is really cheap and tastes good. Does not matter if you choose to bake some meat in a camping place or you going to eat out, you will not be disappointed.
  3. 3. Excellent roads most of the time. When traveling by campervan it is important that country has good quality roads, because a lot of time is spent on the road. Well, Estonia has roads made for travellers with motorhomes.
  4. 4. There are many camping areas to choose from. If you are not an enthusiast of wild camping, then you can be sure that you will find many camping grounds around popular locations. We will mention few for you to choose from, but there are many more you will find on the road.
  5. 5. Estonia is a beautiful country and now it is changing very fast. It can be said that this country is now divided into two separate images. One is new and modern and the other older version, still reminds Soviet Union, both are extremely interesting in a very different ways. So those who would like to see the remaining’s of the Soviet Union, this would be about time to do it, because it is not going to last for long, country image is changing really fast, especially in Tallinn.

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ABOUT ESTONIAEstonia is a beautiful country with more than 2000 islands. It is one of the three Baltic countries and it has a long coastline of the Baltic Sea. It is famous for its rocky beaches, big forests and many beautiful lakes. The country has a very rich history, which can be explored by visiting old castles and churches. Population of this country is only 1.3 million people and here they are very warm and welcoming. This country is very flat in the north, but gets hilly in the south, so when traveling across with your motorhome or caravan you will experience both. Natural beauty and vibes of relaxation make Estonia an attractive destination to travel with family and kids. It does not matter if you are young or old, this country offers something for both. You can get relaxation, action and even romance. Travelers very often choose to explore this country by motorhome or campervan. And now, traveling by campervan gets even easier, because you can rent your campervan from local owners, who are willing to help, advice and welcome you. Find your perfect motorhome and plan your holiday in Estonia here.