Hiiumaa is the second biggest island in Estonia. This island is for those who are looking for quiet piece. It is very popular among surfers, sailors, hikers and nature lovers. It is very cool to travel here even in winter time, because you can reach this island with your motorhome through the longest ice road in Europe.

What to do

Kopu light house is the oldest lighthouse on the Baltic Sea. It was built at least 500 years ago, when ship guiding required landmarks. The most important trade route in Northern Europe was passing Hiiumaa Island and many have complained that ships are getting lost in the Baltic Sea. The decision was made to build the lighthouse of Kopu in order to solve this problem. It was built on the highest point of the island and is 102 meters above the sea level, which makes it the highest lighthouse on the Baltic Sea. You will have to climb the stairs to get to the top of the lighthouse, so prepare for some activity. The views from the top are outstanding. There is a small restaurant near the lighthouse, where you can try some local food. Also there is a playground for children, so they would not get bored. The parking space is big, which is comfortable for travelers with motorhomes and campervans.

Water activities, fishing, boating and beaches

Hiiumaa is a peaceful island, but it definitely fits active travelers. There are a lot of activities to choose from so when you park your campervan, get ready to start going. If you like to surf, then you will not be disappointed by the big waves of Baltic Sea, make sure you check when the surfing season starts, so you would not miss out. Fishing is another popular activity on this island. You will be able to rent a small boat or join local fisherman to get the best experience of this activity. There are many beaches on the island, so if you want to relax and enjoy the sun this is also a place to be, however summer season is quite short in this area, so please check the weather tendencies, so you would not miss the sunny period. Most of the island is covered in forests, so there are many tracks for cycling or hiking.

Campsites in Estonia

There are many campsites in Estonia to choose from. Maybe not all of them will be top rated with all available facilities, but all of them will definitely be managed by generous and welcoming people. If you are planning to stay in Tallinn we can recommend you few options to choose from. Tallinn City Camping is located not far from the centre of capital, so is in a perfect place for those who want to explore Tallinn by foot. Please check their website for more information; they are opened only for a warm season from May 22nd to September 15th. If you prefer a calmer place with wild nature, then you will probably choose Vanamõisa Caravanpark campsite, which is 6 km away from Tallinn. This campsite has all the needed equipment for an active traveler – basketball court, bicycles, golf and playgrounds for children.
If you are planning to visit the biggest Estonian island Saaremaa then here are few camping sites that you should consider staying in. The best rated camping site here is Tehumardi Camping. It is located in the Tehumardi Recreation Centre and is 300 meters from the sea. Here you will find ball fields, swings and playgrounds for children. Also you will find all the needed facilities, such as kitchen, toilets, and showers. Camping slots have electricity and water, and there is a spot where you can empty your campervan toilet. Another good place for staying with your motorhome here is Holiday Village Suur Töll. It is not that close to the sea, but it has outdoors pool and saunas for you to offer. There people are staying with tents, campervans, motorhomes, or in accommodation offered by the owners – small camping houses or the hotel. It is a big holiday village where you can go and make friends if you want to socialize. Never the less, it has all the needed facilities for travelers with RVs.