Saaremaa is among the most popular holiday destinations in the country. It is the biggest island of Estonia and is proud of its deserted beaches and rich culture. This is a perfect place for those who want to get lost in the nature. Here are many fisherman villages, windmills and a lot of nature. Here you will also find many spa hotels, so if you will feel the need of relaxation – this is a good place to do it.

What to do

One of the top rated places to visit in Saaremaa is Kuressaare Episcopal Castle. This castle was built in 14th century and now is a house for Saaremaa Museum, which has permanent as well temporary exhibitions for you to explore. This is the only medieval castle that has not been reconstructed in Baltic countries, here you will be able to explore local history and feel the spirit of the Middle Ages.

Angla is a place to visit with children, here you will be able to explore windmills, which four of them are typical trestle windmills and this can only be spotted in the island of Saaremaa. It is a small area to explore, but they say it is a must if you are traveling with children – you can climb in the windmill and touch all the tools in there – it will be very interesting to your small ones. There is also the Angla Heritage Culture Centre, where several workshops are taking place, so you will get a possibility to participate in them.

Kaali Meteorite Crater

The other top rated destination on the island is Kaali village with nine meteorite craters which have formatted around 7500 years ago. The huge meteorite at the height of 5-10 km fell apart and then came down to the ground in pieces and crashed Kaali village. Saaremaa was already inhabited at that time and this must have created a lot of damage here, we can compare this to the explosion of atomic bomb. There are 9 craters in total for you to explore, this is a very rare nature wonder and a must see if you are visiting Saaremaa.