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If you are planning a family camper trip to or through Latvia, you made a right choice, since here you will find many places that you can enjoy together with your children. Moreover, renting a campervan and being your own guide is a very exciting way to explore Latvia. We give you an opportunity to rent your motorhome from local people in Latvia. From many travellers we heard that the best place to stay in Latvia with the family is Ventspils. It has many playgrounds for children, so everywhere you go your child will have plenty activities to choose from. Also, there are several parks that smallest travellers will surely love – Childrens Town, Fantasy Children’s Park, Planetarium and Ventspils Waterpark, just to name few.

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ABOUT LATVIAIf we would have to describe Latvia in few words, we would have to mention woods, lakes and the sea. Best way to explore this explicit nature is to travel with a campervan, so rent your motorhome locally, save money and get some good advice from people who live in this country. Latvia is a small country in Baltic States and has only one real big city – capital Riga. This is a small country with a population of only 2 million people, but the magic about it is that travellers get a lot of personal space. If you like to enjoy nature without any disruptions, then this is a place to go. You will be able to sunbathe on the seaside without any one around you, moreover there are many lakes and forests where you can park your campervan and have few relaxing days in wilderness for free.