Riga is the biggest city in Latvia and is also the largest capital in all three Baltic capitals. Riga is standing next to a gulf named after itself and is 30 minutes’ drive from its most famous sea resort Jurmala, where you can find stunning beaches with white-sand or stones. Latvia’s capital is famous for its Old town called Old Riga. It is full of impressive oversized churches and historic buildings. There are several camper-sites to choose from, so you will not miss out if you rent a camper from local people in Latvia.

Where to eat

Riga is now known for many hip cafes and restaurants that serve savvy dishes inspired by New Nordic movement. Even most demanding travellers will find a right place to eat. One of the famous restaurant, which was also chosen by Queen Elisabeth II when she stayed in Riga for a day, is Vincents. The head chef promotes the Slow Food movement and customers can enjoy dishes that are of Michelin proportions and served in Van Gogh inspired surroundings.