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Norway is the country to be explored by campervan. It is not a secret and there are many travellers visiting this country and choosing to travel by motorhomes. The infrastructure for camping is developed very well in Norway, there are many campsites in the most extraordinary places. We offer you a solution to rent your motorhome from Norwegian people, so you can experience this country as a local traveller. You will not only save money, but will also get an opportunity to get experienced advise from the local owners. Last, but not least, you will definitely meet some locals and will make friends easier with local motorhome.

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You will decide which days and what price you want to set. You will be in control of every enquiry and will decide to whom you want to rent your campervan, so if at any point you will not feel secured you will have a full right to reject a request.
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ABOUT NORWAYNorway is a very large country and so there are many spectacular places to visit. You need to take time to appreciate every region in every detail, so for the best experience it is recommended to focus on one region at a time, or if you are planning only one trip, take your time and let the journey be your destination.

Destination for an active traveller
Norway is often described as a nation built for outdoor adventures. It is surely a destination for active people who love to hike, fish, cycle, sail, and canoe or do snow sports. All these adventures are accommodated between mountains, fjords and northern lights, which makes it even more exciting. You can choose your activities depending on which regions you are planning to visit.
Atlantic Road
The Atlantic Road is an 8.3 km long road, which is running through unsheltered part of the Norwegian Sea and connecting mainland with an island Averoy. It runs through small islands that are connected with eight bridges. This road is classified as National Tourist Route and is preserved as cultural heritage. It is an impressive road to take and is very popular among campervan travellers.
The Northern Lights
Northern Lights are the lights that come at night in a dark sky and vary in many colors green, violet or pink. It gives a sense of being on the edge of the world, where you can get a glimpse of the endless universe. Behind these stunning sights, there lies some of the most challenging processes of physics. Best places to see the lights are Lofoten Islands, Tromso or Trondelag. Best chances to see Northern lights are in late autumn, winter or early spring, when the weather is dry and cold. Sometimes aurora can be a bit of a diva and she will only start the light show when she thinks its best, so you have to be patient at some points.
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