Flam is a small village situated around 300 km from Oslo, in the Aurlandsfjord, which is the deepest (1308m deep) and second-longest (204km long) fjord in the world. This tiny village is very popular among tourists because of its spectacular sites. Several hundred thousand visitors arrive to see Flam every year. This village is surrounded by steep mountains, narrow valleys, and spectacular waterfalls. During cruising season there are many cruise ships heading to Flam Harbor.

What to do

Flam village is a perfect place for hiking and cycling trips. Also it offers a spectacular ride with Flam Railway through a scenic route.

When traveling with campervan or caravan, there are few campsites for you to choose. We recommend you to stay in Flam-camping, since this campsite has a lot to offer. It is situated at the end of Sognefjord and is surrounded by the World Heritage Listed fjord landscape of beautiful Norway. This campsite is only 300 meters away from Flam Railway and other popular attractions like boats and bicycle roads.





Geirangerfjord is a very deep and blue fjord with the snow covered mountains and running waterfalls. This is a place for the nature lovers and it has plenty to offer. You can choose from many available sightseeing trips and enjoy it your way. If you like walking you are likely to take a hiking trip, but if you like to experience something unique, you can always choose a kayak trip and see the fords from different perspective. There are plenty other activities for you to choose from like fishing, river rafting or cycling through the mountains.

When arriving with camper van you can choose from several campsites to stay in. We recommend Vinje Camping, GRANDE HYTTEUTLEIGE OG CAMPING, Geiranger camping, these are the top rated campsites in Geirangerfjord and are surrounded by magnificent views of Norwegian nature. If you want to experience a local spirit you can always go to local farmers who are usually are very welcoming and allow you to stay in their land for free. This way you can save money and meet local people, and if you are lucky enough you will get valuable advice on best places to visit.

Campings in Norway

There are more than 1000 campsites in Norway. The infrastructure for camping is really well developed, so you will not get disappointed. Here we will mention campsites, that are top rated, also will give you some advice on the basic rules for camping in Norway.

  • Leave your pet at home: because of the high risk of rabies, the rules for importing your dog, cat or any other animal are very strict in Norway. However, if you still want to take your beloved pet with you, please get in touch with Royal Norwegian Embassy or Mattilsynet Hovedkontor  (Norwegian Food Safety Authority). Postboks 383, 2381 Brumunddal.
  • Rules in campsites: each camping has similar rules, but it is important to get familiarized with each individually. Make sure you know where the phone is, where you can ask for help, and where fire extinguishers are.
  • 3 meter rule: you are expected to keep a respectable distance from other travelers, so make sure you place your motorhome, tent or car at least 3 meters away from other travelers.
  • Fishing license: if you want to fish inland, then you must get a fishing license. All the rights belong to the land owner, it can be private landowners, the Norwegian Mountain Commons (local mountain boards) or Statskog. Fishing licenses are sold near the fishing sites, by landowners, at tourist information desks, sport shops or campsites.
  • Fish export restrictions: from 1st of June 2006 it is only allowed to export 15kg of fish or fish products per person.

Because camping is really popular I Norway we suggest that you get in touch with your chosen campsites before coming, to make sure if they are not closed during cold season and if they have any available spots for you during busy times. There are several websites where you can easily get this information and browse all the campsites with ratings, pictures and reviews. Here are few to choose from: